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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bleach - Episode 343

  & so the new arc begins, Ichigo's 17, still has orange hair but a new twist on things. For the first time in his life he can't see ghosts.

I'm definitely looking forward to this arc! For those who don't read the manga be prepared! This one starts out slow & suspenseful. It's filled with questions at every turn but as things develop we see a new edge to Bleach never seen before, a darker tone, more edge gripping moments with absolutely no mercy!

  Ah yes we start with introductions & because 17 months have gone by mostly all the characters have a new maturer look to them. Funny moment here for Yuzu's introduction, she tries so hard to make her brother proud. 

Anyways things seem normal for Ichigo & all of his friends still treat him the same.
Yes most definitely!

Well we see Tatsuki's new look witch I'm loving by the way. It's not much but her hair really, still it really suits her tough girl carry on. Anyways Ichigo searches for a game he borrowed of hers, during the process he comes across his Substitute Soul Reaper Badge. It seems not to be working anymore given that the visual barrier is down. Still one can feel the nostalgia in this moment for Ichigo. Oh by the way funny cover for that game of Tatsuki's (laughs).

Yes the nostalgia is there alright. Oh & because Ichigo no longer has his powers Uryu's been handling the Hollow issues since that afro guy is a bit useless. Ichigo notes his concern here.

Kind of an unsettling tranquil setting here. Even though things are supposedly okay, the reminders are there for Ichigo quite constantly. Even the thought of Rukia doesn't leave witch by the way she hasn't returned to Karakura since the day she left, curious for sure.

  Yes an appearance of someone new, pay attention to this one for sure. Ichigo notes that not all is lost for he still has the strength & reflexes from all the training & battle experience he went through.

Easily proven here after he takes down this theif with a knife. Note, I'm loving the new style to the anime, seems more refined to me, closer to the manga's style.

  & of course the suspense flows in. The guy whose bag was stolen knows Ichigo's name & even stranger, he has a badge like Ichigo.
Normal occurrences were definitely only for the intro here. Ichigo is even starting to have suspicious dreams of the Soul Society, suspense rises. Of course his dad knows how to rain in on those moments with blind comedic determination.

Even so his dad notices there's something strange about the whole dream thing.

  Anyways back at school Ichigo's found a strange new way to make money helping the highest bidding clubs in sports as well as other physical activities. Yes & the soccer team wins the bid. Ichigo's definitely a high asset for such things, it's nice to see him making use of his talents (laughs).

Pretty cool uniform by the way!

  Okay we come to more hilarity with Orihime's introduction, Great choice Kubo! Orihime's hair now more grown out & of course worn differently is a sure win!
Although the whole sliding down the pole thing lands her a Too Funny For Words Epic Fail! Ah ORIHIME'S HEAD! From Tatsuki of all people is the worst, ouch! & Ichigo is about to be clobbered for defending her from such a tyrant move! Stand strong Ichi!

Well I guess faces are the turning point. Quit changing the subject & of course both are good choices!

  Back on track here, Ichigo's reminded of his boss. It doesn't land a very pleasant reaction for Ichigo. He has a boss? Well this boss seem to bee a bit rough but she also seems to need Ichigo very much! (laughs) How entertaining!

Moving on Ichigo gets called out by a group of old fashioned gangster thugs. They don't seem very happy about what he did to their friend, reference to earlier, Ichigo punched him twice for stealing that one suspicious guy's bag.
& before Ichigo can come out, guess who's on the scene? Yes Uryu & damn that upper palm to the face should have killed that guy! It's anime, gotta love it.

The moment finally arrived & Uryu pulls it off well, awesome new hair style Uryu! Not a huge change but you landed it well Kubo. All the way for each character save Ichigo. His will come though, that's for sure.

Finally we come to the new guys of this arc & the suspenseful tone is feeling awesome! Can't wait for the good stuff! Well this was a great start & it had every new feel that the manga had & then some. Sure it's slow & mysterious in the beginning but that's exactly how it's supposed to be, keep us guessing & slightly annoyed waiting. It's that mystery that keeps us here. For those of you discouraged about this arc, don't be. I promise you it gets pretty crazy later on! So bare with it, it's about to surprise! Well it's all I expected & more! So this is an obvious 10 out of 10! For the win!

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